In minutes, prepare a client-specific Social Security benefit report that leads to IUL sales

  • Explain Benefits

    Page 1 calculates and shows the client-specific SS benefit amounts if taken at an early age, at full retirement age or at age 70.

  • Maximize Benefits

    Page 2 calculates and shows the free, additional “file and suspend” money specific to your married clients. Page 3 shows client-specific survivor benefits. (Don't you want to start a discussion about survivor benefits and how to make a spouse's future more secure?)

  • Slash Taxes on Benefits

    Page 5, 6, 7 and 8 explain how benefits are taxed and start laying the foundation for a discussion of the advantages of repositioning IRA dollars into tax-advantaged Indexed Universal Life dollars.

  • Boost Spendable Income

    Page 10 shows projections of all current retirement assets (including IRAs, 401(k)s and Social Security). This gives the client a quick view of how well prepared they might be for retirement. The next step is up to you but now might be a good time to introduce your IUL solution.

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You know that getting appointments with new prospective clients is tough. Find out how Social Security benefit counseling can open the door to new clients and new IUL sales opportunities in this strategy-packed (and totally free) 15-page course. By Doug Warren, author of Indexed UL Unleashed and his new book The Synergy Effect.

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